Zombiez rise 2022: Updates for Q1 and more.

This is a message brought to you by Zombie King.

Happy New Year to my Zombie fam!

Since our launch, we’ve accomplished many feats and put our name out there as one of THE DAO projects of 2021.

We have built up to be one of the most chill, most undead, and DOPEST communities to date.

Let’s recap our year from October 2021 — December 2021

We acquired many assets for our treasury, including the following:

18 Kaiju Kingz NFTs — 7 outside of the fractional vault all accumulating massive amounts of $RWASTE to be used for breeding of Kaiju babies.

Established our metaverse real estate with:

9 The Sandbox Plots (3x3) — To be developed
1 NFT World — We need Zombiez for input on this!

Launched our Zombiez DAO:
- % Royalties from OS going directly to DAO wallet

Launched staking for $FLESH, as well as LP staking for added bonuses.

$FLESH utilities:
- Breeding
- Customize your Zombiez — change it’s name and origin story using $FLESH
- Grab whitelists for the latest projects in our raffles
- $FLESH Shop (Q1 2022)
- Much more still to be announced

Integrated a custom Zombiez Ownership Verification System built off of Anonymice’s opensource software and integrated by our very own Zombie Spense in-house.

Mutant Zombiez. Up next.

Let’s look at what we are looking forward to NOW.

Massive Marketing Campaign:

-DAO Marketing committee was established and maintained by the DAO to be launched immediately comprised of a few selected members. (We got some great applications, thank you all!) The DAO marketing committee will specialize in content creation for the Zombiez, bouncing ideas off one another, and accelerating marketing pushes with their involvement. They’ll work tightly with @legitify and @kali for pushes to social media. This will then relay back to the development team for final approvals.

Mutated Zombiez (REDACTED) / Breeding:

- Mutation is coming, not in an expected way. Details on this are coming. Full breeding mechanics and use are coming in late January/early February.

VX Zombiez and Sandbox Integration:

- More of the Undead. We start building in the Sandbox NOW. We are currently in talks with a builder in the space to create games and more for our Sandbox land. We are looking at the community (YOU) to dictate what will follow. Keep sending those ideas in #sandboxchat!

-What will be in the Sandbox? What will VX Zombies use?
Sandbox will host a number of mini-games for all Zombiez to play with active rewards. It’ll be a place for you to hang with your friends, vibe, and travel across our meta-verse real estate. VX Zombiez is looking to get complete before Q2, with the Sandbox development beginning now in Q1. Every genesis Zombie will be eligible for a free VX Zombie using $FLESH.

NFT Worlds Integration:

- Another acquisition for the DAO, the NFT World will offer full-fledged multiplayer support. We are looking to build our own memorable place with real estate where anyone can log in to Minecraft and join. Our world will feature mini-games, quests, hang-outs, and more. We are looking for ideas on what we can build in #NFT-world-ideas. We currently have a partnership in the works with one of the top-tier builders to architect alike and construct our world to our liking. We expect this to get completed in 1–3 weeks.

Branding and Merch:

- We’re currently working on our custom store built for Zombiez, made by Zombiez. This is coming in Q1 as well. Expect to get your own 1:1 apparel featuring your Zombiez! We will also have occasional holiday seasonal merch, with updates regularly being done. Proceeds from the merch store will go directly to the development team for fees associated with running the store as well as a percentage going to the DAO wallet.

The $FLESH Shop awakens:

- We are currently in active development of the FLESH Shop, where you will be able to redeem $FLESH tokens for raffle tickets to whitelist spots to your favorite up-and-coming NFT projects. This will all be hosted directly on the site.

What else on the $FLESH shop? Let’s say there are surprises in store. (mystery boxes?) The $FLESH shop is currently being developed by Spense and me at this time and we are looking to launch within 1–2 weeks time.

The new Diamond Brainz Club:

- Introduction of the new Diamond Brainz initiative. This initiative aims to reward those who have their Zombiez staked or delisted. Every week, we will award free gifts to those who are staked or have their Zombiez delisted on OpenSea. We will draw a random number between 1–5555, and if your Zombie is picked and you are delisted, you will have the chance to claim prizes such as Eth, Free Zombiez, WL Spots for new projects, etc. Details on this to follow in the discord. Let’s get you rewarded for holding.

A big shoutout to all of the community since launch. Zombiez would be nothing without all of your immense support. Thank you to our mods and past moderation team for their assistance as well.

Let’s make this year a great one.



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