It was written, on the Gravestone.

The following message is from Crypto Zombiez founder Zombie King/Puffster.eth:

On October 21st, the Zombiez came to life, for the first time. They emerged completely out from the Graveyard on October 24th. They look for their next brain to consume daily and gain the flesh as the days go on.

As we complete our initial roadmap, we want to recap and highlight what Crypto Zombiez has done. The Zombiez is not the dev team, it is not Zombie King, it is not Mr. Zombie. It’s all of us, together. We made it happen.

Recapping our past two weeks:

  • Minted out 5555 Crypto Zombiez over 3 days, all with organic spread and little to no paid advertisement, at .05 each.
  • A fractional vault of 15 Kaiju Kingz, with a current valuation of almost $400,000, backing the $FLESH token and the DAO.
  • Donated $10,000 to St.Jude charity as per our roadmap.
  • Around 600 eth in volume traded, 2.7 million dollars.
  • Staking released for $FLESH utility token on October 31st, as per our roadmap/promise, working flawlessly.
  • LP Token staking released, with over $250,000 in liquidity for $FLESH utility token at the time of this writing.

As we wrap up those achievements and pat ourselves on the back for it, we have only just begun. Crypto Zombiez only launched two weeks ago, yet we continue to push and deliver on the future.

Over the past week, our main focus has been pushing the $FLESH token and having the community be able to earn it as soon as possible. Your Zombie is the key to the Zombieverse, and we will explain why.

Lots of people question and ask why stake? Why $FLESH? What is the utility?

I see the questions day in and day out, everyone has lots of thoughts on how $FLESH will be deflationary and how we will put it to good use.

Let’s begin, shall we?

Roadmap 2.0: It was written, on the Gravestone.

PHASE 1 — The Horde Lore Emerges:

Use your Genesis Zombiez to earn 10 $FLESH per day yield to customize your Genesis Zombiez’s name & origin story by burning $FLESH. Write on your Zombie’s gravestone by using your $FLESH. Reawaken your Horde with their own custom story and bind your Zombie to the blockchain with its own custom name.

This will be a cool way to show off your Zombies and customize them to your liking. When you customize your Zombie, it will stay on the blockchain with his customizations, forever. Using $FLESH, you can write on The Gravestone, and it will permanently be there until a new owner decides to change it with more $FLESH.

We do this using a dynamic API and using our UI to insert your Zombiez and change the blockchain. We expect to have this out within the next week or so. It will be our first major utility to burn $FLESH and deflate its supply to make it more and more scarce. Our goal is to make $FLESH one of the most powerful utility tokens in the metaverse.

Genesis Zombiez will also be granted access to all exclusive Zombie owner channels inside our discord.

PHASE 2 — Breeding [Redacted]:

Burn your $FLESH to mint a Gravestone by fusing the genetics of 2 Genesis Zombiez in an undead experiment. The Gravestone will be the key to your future $FLESH utilities in the graveyard.

You will be able to claim your [REDACTED] by using your Gravestone. You will have the ability to change the name and lore of your newly bred [REDACTED] by burning $FLESH.

This bred [REDACTED] will be one of the keys for further exploring the Zombie verse. [REDACTED] will have the ability to join the exclusive holder’s channel as well as the “Undead Alpha” channel.

PHASE 3 — The Zombiez Launchpad:

The Zombiez DAO will explore further opportunities for Zombie holders to gain whitelist access and possible collaborations with other NFT projects giving Crypto Zombiez holders a significant advantage in the NFT space. We hope to partner up with prominent figures in the space and create connections to expand our reach in the metaverse. $FLESH will be used to claim whitelists, join giveaways, participate in auctions, as well as other opportunities.

At this phase, the Zombiez now will have their own custom merchandise collection featuring all 5555 Genesis Zombiez and you will be able to claim your custom 1/1 merch using $FLESH tokens!

PHASE 4 — Brainz in the Metaverse:

CryptoZombiez rise from the dead in the MetaVerse. 3D VX Zombiez will awake, using your [REDACTED], allowing you to use your Zombie NFT as your own personal avatar in multiple metaverse spaces! The main focus will be building and owning land in The Sandbox and creating our own virtual metaverse for all Zombiez to roam freely and have fun in the metaverse Graveyard World.

Use your newly bred [REDACTED] to claim your VX Zombie. VX Zombiez will make their way into the Sandbox and into their own space as the Zombiez DAO buys land in the metaverse and builds upon it. Every [REDACTED] will be able to claim 1 VX Zombie using $FLESH. You may also rename your VX Zombie using $FLESH, and add to its origin!

PHASE 5 — Open up the Flesh Market:

Open up the store! Our very own Flesh market is created, and Zombiez can visit to trade their FLESH for digital items and utilities in the metaverse!

Your CryptoZombiez will gain the ability to purchase loot and wearables from the Flesh Market to add style during metaverse adventures by using your $FLESH tokens. VX Zombies will be fully customizable to your liking. $FLESH will also be used to purchase accessories and further utilities for your original Genesis Zombiez through the Flesh market.

As far as what lies within our path, the DAO decides. This is merely meant to be used as a guide, for the Zombiez to follow. The DAO shall propose its changes, inspirations, additions, growth, longevity, and utility. We are the people’s NFT. We are here to make a difference.

We are the Zombiez. Undead, forever.

It’s written, on the Gravestone.

-Zombie King



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Crypto Zombiez

Crypto Zombiez

5555 unique Crypto Zombiez have awakened from their grave and now wander the blockchain looking for their next brain to consume!